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Žuži either just came to us or she was ...



Žuži either just came to us or she was thrown out of a car. She gave birth to 6 puppies, beneath an awning.

The puppies have found their new home and now is Žuži looking for her new home. Žuži has 15 kg, is middle-sized, sterilized, has a chip and is vaccinated. Her fur is soft, she loves to be caressed and to be taken out for a walk. She is socialized; she lived outdoors together with 2 dogs and a lot of cats. Currently she is living in a city flat, with the same number of dogs and cats. During the walks, which she loves, she gets along very well with other dogs. She is obedient, except sometimes. In the flat she is very still, tidy and silent – she even does not bark when all other dogs in the neighborhood are barking. Contrary to my own dogs. She can live in a courtyard or in a flat, but under no circumstances on a chain. She is looking for someone who will treat her gently and kindly, and who will enjoy joint walks and caresses.


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