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The Rainbow Bridge

Adopt a pet


If you want to adopt one of our protégées, you will have to go through a specific procedure.

Before you contact us

Adoption of a new pet is a big event in your life, something that needs to be well though through. To be sure, that you took everything in account, we suggest that you first read our summary on what you can expect: You want to adopt a pet? Think it through!

Contact us

You can contact us, either via phone, the Number is 00385 95 87 17 053, or via e-mail.

You can expect that you will be asked following questions, i.e. in case you will contact us via e-mail please already include answers to these questions in your message.

Where do you live? How many family members are there, how many children, how old? Have all family members agreed to the new pet, why not?

Why do you want a pet? Where will it sleep? Will it have access indoors? How many hours daily will it have to be alone?

Do you already have pets, which? Did you already have a pet, what happened with it?

Do you live in a house or in a flat? Owned or leased? Allows the landlord pets? What will you do if you have to move? Has your garden adequate fence?

Can you ensure that your pet receives adequate food, regular vaccinations and medical treatment?

The Association has the right to turn you down as the potential guardian.


During a conversation with you we will arrange your visit to our Association, in order that we get to know you and that you get to know our protégées. Our volunteers can help you choose a dog and can answer questions about his behavior. We will insist that you take a walk with the chosen dog and that you play with him. We may ask that you come visit us several times, and perhaps we will also come to visit you.


If our talk and getting to know each other went well, the adoption shall be finalized by signing of the contract, whereby you will present your identification documents (ID card / passport).

Permanent contacts

After you have taken your pet to your home we expect from you to shortly thereafter inform us how you all arranged. We also expect that thereafter you will contact us from time to time. This especially in case of a problem with the pet, as well as in case of change of your personal data. However, we hope that there will be no problems und that you will not have to contact us for this reason. Please remember from time to time that you will make us very happy by sending a new photo or a story about your pet’s life.

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