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The Rainbow Bridge

"Paw of Hope"


Good friends of the Association Spirit – the members of the Animal Protection Association Meke Sapice from Cakovec are organizing a humanitarian Event "Paw of Hope" on Saturday, the 19. September 2009.

The Association Meke Sapice is organizing the Event in order to gather funds for treatment and shelter for the abandoned Labrador. When found, the dog was starving form hunger, was dehydrated, exhausted, and had numerous wounds over his body. Although he obviously had a hard life, with hope that his new name shall bring him luck, the volunteers named him Srecko / Lucky.

Srecko received emergency medical help, his condition was stabilized, and he was accommodated in a dog hotel. Besides the already accrued costs for treatment, the future taking care of him shall also be expensive. Namely, the trauma caused permanent damage to the nerves in his paw, which means that Srecko shall require medical help more often than other dogs, and shall very likely require also physical therapy.

The Association Meke Sapice is inviting all animal lovers to help Srecko, and at the same time to have fun. The invitation has already been accepted by numerous public personalities, like politicians, sportsmen and show business stars. Also specialists for animal medicine and animal protection shall be present, and shall answer questions and give advice. The Program also encompasses food, beverages and music, as well as a fun park for children. For donations original Caps and T-Shirts of the Association Meke Sapice will be distributed.

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Updated: 02.10.2009

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