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The Rainbow Bridge

You want to adopt a dog? Think it through!


Do you really want a dog? Do you want to get up early in the morning, are you willing to clean up after the dog, without any anger, to get up in the middle of night because the dog is ill? Are you willing to accept changes of your way of life?

Right now?

Think about the question, weather now the best moment is. Does your life style allow changes, which shall be unavoidable after you take the dog to your home. Are your present obligations already too much to handle?


Think about the financial aspect of adoption of an animal. Can you afford expenses for food, training, vaccination, remedies against parasites, eventual medical treatment…? A dog needs also one or two toys, a place to sleep, a blanket, treats…. All this costs, and these expenses are something that has to be calculated with right from the beginning.

Dogs and small children

How old are your children? Little puppies have edgy teeth and nails, and can, if too provoked, fight back. Little puppies have also soft bodies, and unintentional crudeness of a 3-year-old child can be very unpleasant for them. A somewhat bigger dog could throw a child down and injure it during play. Can the child understand and adopt the habit of washing hands?

At the end – even if the child is old and reasonable enough to adopt the proper manner of conduct with dogs, und wants a dog very much, do not expect that it shall take care of the dog all by its self.

What when you are not at home?

How much time does your family spend at home? Would the dog be alone for a long time? Can you organize that someone takes care of the animal while you are on a trip?

House or flat?

Have you solved your housing issues? Will you be a tenant in the future? Do your neighbors have understanding for dog barking? Does your courtyard have adequate fence? Are you prepared for occasional damages, which your dog might cause?

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Updated: 19.09.2010

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